The best quality grain and traits

Our commitment to quality ensures that our processes are in line with global standards for food safety, quality and control. Understanding our customers' requirements and driving processes to meet these requirements is veritably accomplished with the help of our Quality Assurance and Control standards.


Our Process

Flying Trade India Private Limited has established itself as one of the largest privately owned rice exporters in the country...

Our Infrastructure

The real strength of Flying Trade India Private Limited lies in its modern, state-of-the art infrastructure – in terms of manpower, machines and equipment...

Our Profile

Subsidiary of the Flying Trade PLC UK. Annual turnover exceeding $300m - approved supplier for USA & China, along with accreditations with FSSAI & ISO 22000...

Our Research

More than half of the world's population depends on rice for basic nourishment and nutrition, and the world population is only expected to grow in the next decades...

The world on our plate. Making a mark globally.

Due to a strong commitment and continued engagement with our customers, Flying Trade India Private Limited has now evolved with a strong global presence, and over the years has emerged as an India-based, high-growth global rice company focused on producing world-quality Basmati rice variants.