Pushing the envelope for higher goals


The real strength of Flying Trade India Private Limited lies in its modern, state-of-the art infrastructure –in terms of manpower, machines and equipment.

We have successfully integrated our rice processing plants to carry out milling operations efficiently, and the installed capacity at our plants has been rising every year to keep in step with the growing demand. We make use of sophisticated equipment, top-of-the- line machines and tech-savvy processing plants to ensure the smooth execution of processes at each and every stage of rice production – from procurement to delivery.

Storage Godown

We also derive maximum benefit from the utilization of smart logistics and delivery systems that oversee shipments efficiently. Strategically placed cold storage facilities ensure minimum wastage and zero-levels of deterioration in all our products.

A delegated marketing network, coupled with robust representations, both at home and over the world help to provide integrated services in a smooth, consistent manner.

Our Technology

At Flying Trade India, the most modern techniques are used at the milling and processing stages to ensure the superiority of each grain.

We have been constantly enhancing production and processing knowledge and investing in technology to meet the challenging competition of the industry and offer Basmati rice conforming to global quality grade and food regulatory provisions.

Exporting rice to USA / UK / Canada / Australia / UAE